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Oh no- not another ‘how to get organized’ blog…

I’m no professional organizer… I have a colleague who is a member of the Professional Organizers Association of North America, mind you and she’s amazing.  Makes me look like jello.  But in most circles I’ve traveled over the years , … Continue reading

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May The Circle Be Unbroken

Serendipity At It’s Best Call it a coincidence, ‘meant to be’, a ‘woo woo’ moment, pure chance, serendipity, or any other name you care to use, here’s a very recent story I think you’ll like. 35 years ago, my Dad … Continue reading

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Mind/Body Connection- the colonoscopy story!

I think one of the hardest but most obvious lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn in my life is really ‘getting’ the mind-body connection.  How many times over the years, have I needed to get ‘hit over the head’ … Continue reading

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30 seconds to test your mindset!

What’s a mindset?  It’s a habitual pattern of thoughts, feeling and behaviours.  It provides us with a frame through which we see and experience the world.   It helps shape our limitations and our possibilities, and helps define our choices and … Continue reading

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