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Talk To Yourself- It’s Highly Underrated!

As a life coach, I’m continuously in conversation with my clients about what’s important to them. And when I have sessions with my own life coach, I get to talk about what’s important to me. But there’s another kind of … Continue reading

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Goal Setting in Coaching

The other day I was coaching one of my clients who had never really set firm goals for herself. So we talked about the pros and cons and what it would be like to set some. There was some trepidation … Continue reading

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How to Find Time for Being Creative

Many of my executive, career and life coaching clients get frustrated when they can’t seem to fit everything they want to do, into their week. Sound like you? Read on for one easy way to figure out two things; How … Continue reading

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Thoughts are like a Magnet

There’s a ton of self help books and blogs and web sites and videos on the market today. Here’s what I’ve found just about every one of them has in common: What we give our attention to is what we … Continue reading

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