A Story About Personal Branding

Here’s my one piece of advice right now about BRANDING…  Personal Branding that is.

Make damn sure it’s authentic.

Establishing your personal brand means zilch if it’s not really you.

 Here’s a short story that may help you keep it simple when you are trying to figure out what you stand for in relation to others.

 For the past two years I’ve been delivering a monthly workshop to folks who have lost their jobs and are in job search mode.  I do this as part of my work for a great company   Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette here in Halifax.

There’s a part of the workshop where I talk about personal brand.  And often I’m met with blank stares.  So  I ask the participants this question;  “What words would you use to describe me, having just met me 40 minutes ago for the first time?”

Lo and behold, the same words were volunteered in response to my question, over and over and over again.  Every single time I posed the question these were the words I heard;  Professional. Welcoming.  Compassionate.  Friendly.  Sincere.  Knowledgeable.  Capable.  Caring.   

Turns out that these are also words that my friends and family might use to describe me.  And these are words that I would use to describe myself.  Go figure!!!   When I am at my most authentic self, I am all of these things.  This is who I am, naturally.

So if you are struggling (or know someone else who is) figuring out your own personal brand, just take it down to the basics.  Who are you naturally?  What words do people use to describe you at your most authentic self?  If nothing else, it’s a good place to start!

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