Another Mind- Body Connection

I’ve often wondered why some people react differently to the same external stimulus as others.  Is it just about the physical conditions that we subject ourselves to, or do our attitude, thoughts and emotions play a role? As a life coach, I come across this question all the time.

Like sitting at a computer all day for work… some folks can do it hours on end and never seem to have any aches or pains.  Others end up with carpel tunnel syndrome or inflamed wrists, or me- I ended up with frozen shoulder- twice- once on each side, a few years apart.

I had all the ergonomic assessments, new chair, new desk, new mouse, special keyboard, you name it, I got assessed and provided for.  Everything helped.  A little.  Even got the voice activated software that I never really got great at using.  But eventually the pain in the shoulders and arms would creep back.  Did it mean I had to stop using a computer forever?

I eventually figured out a way of ‘being’ at work… at my desk… at the computer… that didn’t cause quite so much discomfort. But …

What was it that actually caused my frozen shoulder?  Was it really just one thing, or was it the whole manner of use that I was repeating over and over again? What role did my attitude play in creating and maintaining my discomfort?

What do you think? Got a story you want to share about a mind/body connection?

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