De-bunking Some Myths about Life & Executive Coaching:

Myth #1

Coaching is only for someone in turmoil or trouble

Actually, most often the best time to get yourself a coach is when things are going well.  Because a coach works with you to help you grow and learn about who and how you are at your best.  Coaching is always about forward movement that the client is wanting.  So whether you are in a good place or a not so good a place, coaching can be of great help in moving your agenda forward- whatever it may be.

Myth #2

Coaches are just for senior leaders in organizations

Senior leaders often get the benefit of a coach, but coaching is effective for an individual at any level in the organization.  As long as that person is ready, willing and open to being in a coaching relationship.  Because being coached can be a life changing experience and you’ve got to be wanting some change- whether you’re in charge of the front desk or the whole company.

Myth #3

Coaching is for people who can’t make their own decisions

Hey- everyone benefits from having another person to talk things out with.  A coach is a person who is inquiring but supportive… curious and engaged… and a person who is not a family member or friend and consequently doesn’t have an ‘agenda’ for you, but rather is really well trained to be an excellent listener.  The thing about coaching is that it’s the client who comes up with the answers. It’s the trusting and safe environment of a coaching relationship that allows capable people to focus on what they are wanting and make decisions that work for them.

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  1. Antje says:

    Very good points.

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