Does Coaching Really Make a Difference?

A few weeks ago I got a thank you note from an individual I had coached for a six-month period of time. She wanted to let me know what the coaching experience had done to change her world, her life, her self.

Here’s an excerpt of her note:

“I can never thank you enough for helping me realize my potential, guiding me in making the right steps and giving me the confidence I needed to re-start my life, while never forgetting who I am, and who I’ve become.”

Coaching is not for everyone. But it is for :
• Folks who want to grow, learn and shift some things about themselves or their lives
• Individuals who are seeking to get in touch with their full potential
• People who can imagine that there is more ‘out there’ for them, but may not be able to identify it or get into action to find it

Coaching can make a difference for a university student trying to ace her interview to get into medical school.

Coaching can make a difference for a banker wanting to raise his profile with senior management and carve out a new career path.

Coaching can make a difference for a sales manager who wants to identify her transferable skills to change sectors altogether.

Coaching can make a difference for a Vice President of a national company who wants to raise his own ‘bar’ and truly step into his newly appointed senior position.

Coaching can make a difference for a business owner who finds herself too easily overwhelmed with the ‘to do lists’ and wants to create some tools to help better navigate his work week.

Sound like anyone you know?

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