Five Obstacles Women Face in the Workplace

So much has been written about women in the workplace, and I didn’t figure I really had much to add to the conversation.

 But then I took part in some advance coach training offered by the ICF last year, and one of the presenters talked about five truths that women face.  And it really resonated, both from my own past experience working in a large organization, and because 75% of my clients are working women.  And their stories often tie in to one or more of these obstacles.

 Tara Jaye Frank was the presenter.  Here are the five obstacles she talked about to the hundreds of coaches from around the world, on that webinar:

  1. Bias  (85% of women could use some help , such as  having a sponsor or mentor in the workplace
  2. Loneliness- jobs, no matter what type or sector, can be isolating
  3. Perfection- thinking we need 100% of the qualifications to do a new job or assignment
  4. Stress- the increasing and ongoing tension of creating our own version of balancing kids, aging parents, running the household and more
  5. Imposter Syndrome- women, more than men (the research is out there) suffer from this version of “I’m just not good enough”. 

The first step towards addressing and reducing these obstacles  might just be acknowledgment of the situation and talking with someone about what role you could play in changing the situation.  A friend, a colleague, a mentor, or a coach. 

Just something to think about!


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