Five Things Women Want From Work

This is the second in my little series on Women and the Workplace.

As with my previous posting, I must give credit to one of the presenters at our ICF Advance seminar last year… Tara Jaye Frank.

She talked about the five things that women want to experience from their careers.  What she said in her presentation to a few hundred coaches on that webinar last year, was familiar, as I’ve coached so many working women over the past 12 years.

Here’s the BIG FIVE:

  1. Impact- making a difference- leaving things better than when you found them
  2. Respect – be seen as a capable leader with a unique point of view and valuable expertise
  3. Growth – women value the learning process and to expand knowledge and influence
  4. Flexibility- not to have to choose between success and sanity
  5. Alignment- seeking harmony and to thrive in cultures that reflect values & provide healthy context …

 Over and over again, I’ve heard clients stories about how they have no room to grow, or feel disrespected, or the organization they work for disallows any flex-time. That they are overlooked for promotion or for educational opportunities.  That the company or department’s values are not in alignment with their own.

Some of my clients have left their workplace in search of a different sector or company or culture.  Others have engineered change from within.  There’s no “cookie cutter” or right answer.  Every situation is unique- every woman’s conundrum and choices are hers and hers alone. 

With a Coach,  each client gets to figure out the best choice for themselves.  Coaching enables a client to feel more empowered, more fulfilled both in the journey of the choice-making, as well as where they land next.

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