Following Tradition vs. Trying Something New

In celebration of U.S. Thanksgiving this week, I’m inspired to send out a bit of applause to my brother.  He lives in the U.S. and is the guy that ALWAYS cooks Thanksgiving dinner at his house.  He’s good at it and loves to do it.  So what’s different for him this year?

He’s throwing caution to the wind, dumping the traditional turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce menu for something very different.  He’s making fried oysters and traditional fish cakes and more, and is having an absolute ball planning the menu for this unlikely, new and different Thanksgiving dinner.

What’s prompting him to do this?  His craving for something new… his desire to break the mold and experiment… his thirst for moving forward and not being stuck and rooted in so much tradition that he as cook, and the food experience,  feels old and stale.

And what’s the coach like question he asked himself, before making this decision?  It was “What could I do this Thanksgiving that would make the day more enjoyable and satisfying and fun for me and my guests?”

It’s a question worth asking ourselves from time to time.  Could be around a meal choice, or a business decision… a career move or a life issue.  What could I do that would make this more enjoyable and satisfying and fun for me?  I use this question a lot in my coaching practice.  Try it on yourself sometime…

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