Goal Setting in Coaching

The other day I was coaching one of my clients who had never really set firm goals for herself. So we talked about the pros and cons and what it would be like to set some. There was some trepidation for sure. There often is with any of us who are about to tackle something new.

But by the end of the coaching session she had indeed come up with three very achievable goals… goals that were important to her in her life. These are not goals that I suggested or imposed in any way. As a coach, it’s my job to help my clients look at their choices, be open to possibilities and get more in touch with who and how they are at their best.

Now, as she and I continue our coaching relationship, we will check in from time to time on those goals to determine if they are still relevant for her, if the priorities have changed, and how progress is being made towards reaching those goals.

Goal setting is just one of the topics coaching sessions focus on. But it’s one of the most tangible and often delivers some clear and easy ways to measure results that help move the client towards the self awareness they seek and the forward movement they desire.

If you’ve got any examples of how you incorporate goals into your life, feel free to share them here.

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  1. Cathy Burnett says:

    Yes! I like the goal setting idea . If we have a goal, it makes it a bit easier to slog through the hard parts of life as we have an end result we are going for- kind of like seeing the finish line of a race- if we KNOW there is an actual finish line then when we get to the hitting the wall part of the race, we can actually get through it and not stop. I love having goals even if they change or we don’t make them, it is easier to get through the day to day. Thanks Wendy!!!!

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