How To Get and Stay Focused-When You Want To!

Oh my… here’s a tough topic.  Focus is such a personal thing.  And some folks are so damn good at getting focused, keeping focused and not letting much of anything interfere.

Here’s a thought… the more we like something, the more focused we are capable of being.

Case in point:  I love to cook.  I love just about everything about it, except the cleaning up part (and luckily my husband is really good at that).  So, when I get it in my mind to make a certain dish, follow a recipe, make something up, bake a cake, try something new… I am totally focused on the task at hand.  It’s not a problem for me to stay in the moment, be fully engaged with the cooking process, and stick with it till I’ve produced the meal or the plate or the cake….

Another example… when I begin a project that has a clear beginning, middle and end, it’s easy for me to stay focused.  It helps if it’s a topic I know something about, or am interested in learning.

Both examples have in common, the “I” factor.  (that’s my term).  “I” stands for two things;  I (me, myself and I), and Interest.  If the idea comes from me (I) and is something I’m keen about (the other I-Interest), I’m way more likely to stick with it.

When I coach, and trouble focusing comes up for the client,  I’ll sometimes suggest that they think of a time in their life when they were really good at maintaining a focused approach to a problem or a situation.  What was different about that?  What made it effortless to keep the focus?  How did it feel to stay engaged on one topic?  What was their level of self confidence coming out of the process?

Reflection is such a powerful lesson for us all.  When we allow ourselves to think back and reflect on a time when we were doing well (or feeling good, or fully engaged…), we’re often able to get back in touch with how we got there, how the pieces fit together, and how we benefited from the experience.

Got a story about focus (or lack thereof) to share?  I’d love to hear it.

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