Joyful Networking- It’s About the Mindset!

Joyful Networking!  I know… seems a bit like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

But let me share a true story about someone who approached Networking not as a chore, but as a joyful adventure.

Kristin (not her real name) worked for a big company.  She’d been with them for over 20 years and loved the culture, the work, her colleagues.  But the problem was that her position was being eliminated due to restructuring and she had 4 months to find another position.  Could be within the company.  Could be outside the company. 

She began by choosing to have a positive mindset about networking, making a plan and then committing to it.  The plan consisted of identifying every person both in the company and outside, that she knew or could connect with.  The plan also included  her key messages, her curious questions, and her “elevator pitch” that included what she could bring to the table and the kind of position she was interested in.

What she discovered was that networking is not just about finding a job but it’s also about creating positive energy, engaging in meaningful conversation and learning from others.

Yes, Kristin landed a new position. Within the company.  She’s delighted.  And senior management is delighted because they get to keep a great employee who continued to demonstrate a positive mindset, despite the difficult situation she found herself in.  An employee who now knows a whole lot more about the company than she did 4 months earlier.  And an employee who has made great , positive connections with a myriad of individuals that will serve her well as she begins her new job and embarks on her next adventure.

She says it was an adventure and not a chore.  Did she occasionally loose hope that she’d land a new position?  Of course.  But her overriding self-talk was one of hope, engagement, curiosity and belief in herself.  What a great way to enable a pivot from “chore” to “joyful adventure” !


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