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Most of us have warm homes to live in, good food on the table every day, friends and family who are loving and supportive, careers we enjoy.  All in all, much to be grateful for.  And as it turns out, … Continue reading


“LUCK is where OPPORTUNITY meets PREPARATION” I’ve always appreciated this quote.  Not sure who coined it.  But I recently heard the actor, Denzell Washington state it during a tribute award show, and I thought, “how appropriate for the work that … Continue reading

When That New Job Seems Too Good To Be True

You know that old expression “It’s just too good to be true”? Well, I had a client  a while back, whose job experience could pretty much be summed up with that expression. Here’s his story. He was a talented and … Continue reading

Pivoting from Judger to Learner Mindset

What’s a mindset?  It’s a habitual pattern of thoughts, feeling and behaviors.  It provides us with a frame through which we see and experience the world.   It helps shape our limitations and our possibilities, and helps define our choices and … Continue reading

Thinking Different Thoughts To Get Unstuck

Whether I’m working with an executive coaching client or a career coaching client, a mentor coaching client or helping a client prep for a job or school entrance interview, I find this quote to be particularly relevant and helpful to … Continue reading

Joyful Networking- It’s About the Mindset!

Joyful Networking!  I know… seems a bit like an oxymoron doesn’t it? But let me share a true story about someone who approached Networking not as a chore, but as a joyful adventure. Kristin (not her real name) worked for … Continue reading

How To Make Networking Work For You

The following is an edited version of an article I was asked to write a a while back, for Nova Scotia Business Journal.    As I re-read it, I realized everything I wrote then is still applicable today. What is networking? … Continue reading

Taking a Break before Your Next Career Move

Not everyone has the luxury to take a break between jobs. I get that. I’ve certainly worked with some individuals who, if they were to go more than a few weeks without a pay check they’d be in serious financial … Continue reading

Choosing Your Attitude

On Monday, June 17, I found myself at the celebration parade for the Toronto Raptors basketball team, in downtown Toronto. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of that 2 million strong crowd. … Continue reading

When Your Thoughts Are A Match To Your Desires…

Ever wonder why even though you’ve been focussing and praying and wishing for a specific something to happen, it doesn’t seem to show up? Could be because you are focussed on the not having of what you are wanting, rather … Continue reading