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“LUCK is where OPPORTUNITY meets PREPARATION” I’ve always appreciated this quote.  Not sure who coined it.  But I recently heard the actor, Denzell Washington state it during a tribute award show, and I thought, “how appropriate for the work that … Continue reading

When That New Job Seems Too Good To Be True

You know that old expression “It’s just too good to be true”? Well, I had a client  a while back, whose job experience could pretty much be summed up with that expression. Here’s his story. He was a talented and … Continue reading

Pivoting from Judger to Learner Mindset

What’s a mindset?  It’s a habitual pattern of thoughts, feeling and behaviors.  It provides us with a frame through which we see and experience the world.   It helps shape our limitations and our possibilities, and helps define our choices and … Continue reading

Thinking Different Thoughts To Get Unstuck

Whether I’m working with an executive coaching client or a career coaching client, a mentor coaching client or helping a client prep for a job or school entrance interview, I find this quote to be particularly relevant and helpful to … Continue reading

Joyful Networking- It’s About the Mindset!

Joyful Networking!  I know… seems a bit like an oxymoron doesn’t it? But let me share a true story about someone who approached Networking not as a chore, but as a joyful adventure. Kristin (not her real name) worked for … Continue reading

How To Make Networking Work For You

The following is an edited version of an article I was asked to write a a while back, for Nova Scotia Business Journal.    As I re-read it, I realized everything I wrote then is still applicable today. What is networking? … Continue reading

Taking a Break before Your Next Career Move

Not everyone has the luxury to take a break between jobs. I get that. I’ve certainly worked with some individuals who, if they were to go more than a few weeks without a pay check they’d be in serious financial … Continue reading

Choosing Your Attitude

On Monday, June 17, I found myself at the celebration parade for the Toronto Raptors basketball team, in downtown Toronto. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of that 2 million strong crowd. … Continue reading

When Your Thoughts Are A Match To Your Desires…

Ever wonder why even though you’ve been focussing and praying and wishing for a specific something to happen, it doesn’t seem to show up? Could be because you are focussed on the not having of what you are wanting, rather … Continue reading

Listening To Your Intuition

Let me tell you about Jane. As with all my stories, I’ve changed the name and type of work identified.  Jane hired a career coach partly because she lost her job as a digital marketing manager with a big company, … Continue reading