Learning To Listen To Our Inner Wisdom

Ever gotten sick and learned something about yourself from the experience?
That happened to me this month. I ended up taking pretty much the entire month of February off.

It wasn’t planned ahead. In fact, what I had planned was a holiday to Santa Fe to visit family. But I ended up postponing that trip because I felt awful. It was nothing life threatening, but it sure was debilitating… exhaustion and respiratory symptoms that would just not go away.

So instead of a fun vacation I stayed home and didn’t work.
What did I “do”?
I slept, read, meditated and did lots of journaling.
But mostly I chose to “do” nothing.
You know the wise phrase… ‘We are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS’.
It’s pretty clear to me now, as I come out of the dark, feeling un-well tunnel of my February, that I am very, very good at “doing”, and much less good at “being”. And so my gift to myself was to head down the road of getting better at “being”.

Being quiet…Being still… Being thankful… Being joyful…Listening to our inner wisdom is a powerful thing.

Sometimes we are so very busy with what we like to call “real life” that we forget how truly insightful we are, and the power we possess to change at how we look at our lives.

For me, in the future, I’m choosing to listen to my inner wisdom a bit sooner. Because I believe the more tuned in I am to my inner voice, the healthier and happier I have the opportunity to be. And being healthy and happy are the most important things I can think of wanting to be.

How about you?


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