Lessons learned from being a Coach

Ten years ago, when I started my journey to become a professional Coach, I had no idea how much I would learn.

Sure, I figured I’d learn how to be a Coach. I’d learn some key coaching skills and tools. I’d learn how to develop a coaching business…

But I had no idea how much I would learn about myself.
Becoming a Coach is a fascinating journey of personal development, self reflection, identification of our own strengths and weaknesses and authentic self discovery.

Each and every individual who trains to become a Coach travels down their own unique path.

Here are just a few lessons learned from my nine year journey.

Self management is an essential part of always putting the client and the coaching relationship first
My good answers are rarely what the client most needs
When I allow silence the client finds their own way
I never tire of witnessing a client’s ‘aha’ moments no matter how often it occurs
Honoring the client’s agenda requires patience and deep listening

Coaching is transformational. For the client and as it turns out, for the Coach as well.

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