I’ve always appreciated this quote.  Not sure who coined it.  But I recently heard the actor, Denzell Washington state it during a tribute award show, and I thought, “how appropriate for the work that I do with my career and executive coaching clients”.

What speaks to me about this quote is that instead of dismissing the concept of luck, it explains it.  Gives it meaning.  Makes it actually attainable and do-able for everyone.  For all of us.

You know, we often look longingly at someone who we believe has just gotten lucky in finding that right or perfect job… or who seems to always have a run of good luck in their career throughout their life.

But rather than believing that this someone just “beat the odds” and by chance landed on some good luck, there’s a different way to look at it;  that LUCK is a combination of being PREPARED and seeking or being open to an OPPORTUNITY when it shows up.

What if you could increase your chances by doing the work… by preparing for what you want AND actively seeking opportunities?

Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.  What an empowering and insightful way to believe in yourself and your future!

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