May The Circle Be Unbroken

Serendipity At It’s Best

Call it a coincidence, ‘meant to be’, a ‘woo woo’ moment, pure chance, serendipity, or any other name you care to use, here’s a very recent story I think you’ll like.

35 years ago, my Dad built a small cabin in the woods on a farm we owned on PEI. It was a labour of love.  About 10 years ago, we moved that little cabin to a lovely spot of PEI land, owned by good friends Joe and Gail who also have a real cottage that they rent out by the week every summer. Ever since my Dad died five years ago, when I have the chance, I go spend a few minutes visiting his tiny cabin and feel his spirit. It’s a special place. My whole family just vacationed at our friends wonderful three bedroom cottage, earlier this month.

A few days ago my home phone rings at supper time.  It’s a man who was my Dad’s cardiologist for the last ten years of his life when he lived on Cape Cod. I haven’t been in touch with the doctor for nearly five years, but their relationship was beyond doctor patient, and they became dear friends, each finding great wisdom and a special connection with the other.  The doctor still lives in Massachusetts.

So- back to the phone ringing… he’s calling to tell me that he is on PEI, in the very same cottage I just occupied 2 weeks prior.  He and his family had decided to vacation on PEI and back in April of this year, his wife had selected this very same cottage from the hundreds available online. She just liked the way it looked.  So they arrive, settle in and while chatting with Joe, he happens to ask how long they’ve lived on PEI and where they came from.  Joe answers, 1971… from Connecticut.  To which the doctor says- wow, I had a patient who became a good friend, who was originally from Connecticut and moved to PEI around that time- at which point Joe looks at him and says- “I know that man… that’s Wendy’s Dad… Saul Ader!  And we have Saul’s cabin right over here…”

So, the doctor has a chance to visit the little cabin that my Dad had told him about over the years…  and to reconnect with me… and that’s why my phone rang a few days ago.

Don’t you just love the magical unfolding of life’s little stories?

Got a story of your own to share?  Love to hear it.

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4 Responses to May The Circle Be Unbroken

  1. I love this story, Wendy! How incredible is that!!

  2. Margo Bulpitt says:

    What a wonderful story and what a special little place – Laura took us to see it when we dropped by to visit with her while you were all staying at the cottage. Knowing that this little piece of your father is still around must be so reassuring and nice to get back to each year.

    And the coincidence of your father’s friend and doctor staying at the very same property makes me laugh – it seems as if these kind of connections often happen in PEI – but none so dramatic that I have heard of recently.

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story.

  3. Holly says:

    Oh Wendy, what an absolutely beautiful story … I can see and hear Saul right now … and as fate would have it, why did I choose to read your blog this night, two days after returning from Boston … we went whale watching out towards Cape Cod and I though of you and Saul … actually I thought of you the whole time we were in Boston. Your Dad is with you and now he’s sharing his spirit with others and drawing them to his cabin through his loving energy on the other side…how beautiful…thank you so much for sharing this lovely story… love, Holls

  4. Sue says:

    SWEET SWEET! Saul is still sending you connections! Love it, love YOU!

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