Mind/Body Connection- the colonoscopy story!

I think one of the hardest but most obvious lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn in my life is really ‘getting’ the mind-body connection.  How many times over the years, have I needed to get ‘hit over the head’ by some physical experience- usually painful- before the light would dawn and I’d say to myself- ‘oh, I get it… I’m supposed to slow down’, or ‘ oh, right… if I actually pay attention to my gut the next time I’m faced with a choice like that, my decision might be a bit less taxing on me’.

Case in point.  Recently I had a colonoscopy.  Don’t worry- not gonna give you much detail- just the salient points.  #1- I was resistant, fearful and really not wanting to go thru with this procedure.  I put it off twice and when the date finally loomed, I built up quite the fear factor of anticipation.  Didn’t want to take the drugs, imagined all kinds of terrible after effects…I pretty well imagined anything that could go wrong.

#2- Got to the hospital, opted for no medication, went thru the procedure and walked out a half hour later feeling quite spent but slightly heroic, if not a bit shaky.  Having a tube with a camera up your behind does not constitute my version of a normal day.

#3- For the next week, I was a mess.  Fever, cramping, gas, bloating, no appetite.

Did I recover?  Yes.  Did I figure out what happened?  Think so.

I  visualized the horrible things that could go wrong with the procedure.  I practiced in my mind, getting sick as a result of a medical procedure I resented having to go through.  So when I had the procedure, and chose no drugs, and was super tense and in pain during the procedure, my body did what it knew best.  It went into shock and shut down.  Hey, it happens.  And every time, I learn a bit more about what I could do different the next time something unusual or unexpected is going down.

Got an experience you’ve had with a direct connection between your thoughts and your physical reaction? No gory details required… but would love to hear about it!

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  1. Judy says:

    You are a bit late on your first colonoscopy,Wendy! Don’t they recommend a baseline one at age 50? I had that medicaion Versed which supposedly makes your forget the experience. My memories of the event are of saying “ouch, ouch, ouch” throughout the procedure. It seemed like everytime they “turned a corner” in my colon it was ouch. But I was not in the least afraid of it beforehand! And I had no side effects afterwards.

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