One Simple Question Can Get Some Powerful Answers

I met someone a few weeks ago who said he was unclear about what he really wanted to do to earn a living.  He’d been working for quite some time at one job but he was questioning if that’s what he wanted to do in the future.

I asked him a question I often ask my regular coaching clients… He attributes that question to kick starting his thinking and decision to switch careers and go back to school to learn what he’s always had a hankering for.

“What do you most love about what you are currently doing?” is the question I asked him a few weeks ago. He couldn’t give me an answer that day, and told me he pondered it for quite some time and realized, he really couldn’t answer it- because there really was no one thing he truly loved about his current career.   So then we landed on another powerful question… “What do you really love doing, and why?”  And the answer came easily and effortlessly for him.

He’s launching into a new career by heading back to school to study something he’s always wanted to do.  He has an enthusiasm, energy and lightness about him.  Funny thing about good questions… if you stay with them long enough, the answers can be life changing!

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  1. Sue says:

    Wendy, you are an excellent writer…I see a book in your future! Sue

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