One Simple Way to Invite the Power of Self Reflection

How often do you get to reflect on a situation, a problem, a comment, a thought or a feeling you’ve just had? I mean to really take some time and look at it from new angles, view it with a different perspective, take off your ‘judger’ hat and do some deeper thinking about what brought you to this particular place?

Coaching is a place where you get to do that. It’s like giving yourself a gift. Offering yourself permission to stop all the ‘doing’ and take a bit of time to go to a place of ponder and reflection.

All too often our days are full of activity, processing information, making things happen.

If you have a coach- great, you know what I’m writing about. But if you don’t, try this short and simple exercise sometime when you are faced with a decision… or you just spoke to a colleague in a way that didn’t seem right… or life is going along splendidly and you want to expand the feeling of well being.

Find ten minutes in your day (OK, even if it’s just five minutes, this can work). Take yourself physically out of the fray of the work activity. Go to the washroom, go outside for a short break, find a quiet corner somewhere. Now, put your attention to the topic at hand. If it’s a disconcerting topic, something that’s left you feeling less than ‘at your best’, then allow yourself to imagine a better way you could have handled it. If it’s a troubling future topic, allow yourself to imagine how you would like it to turn out. And if it’s a splendid event or activity, allow yourself to dwell on, and acknowledge how you are feeling about it. The key here is to ‘allow’.

OK, time’s up. This is one simple way to invite some self reflection into your life. It gets easier with practice (what doesn’t?). And it can indeed, yield some powerful results.

Next time you try this, feel free to post something on this blog and tell us about your own experience in carving out a few minutes from your busy day. Self reflection… a powerful tool we all have within us.

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