Our Visit to the Emergency Ward

Last week, my husband and I had to visit the Emergency Ward of our local hospital.  It wasn’t a life or death situation, but was a something that required immediate attention for my husband.

But don’t worry- this is not a story about the details of his medical condition.

Rather, it’s a good news story, and we could all use more of those.  More often than not we hear Emergency Room horror stories-long waits, the wrong diagnosis, being sent home without medical attention- we’ve all heard the stories in the news.

So let me tell you about our very positive experience, and a suggestion should you find yourself in a similar situation some day.

The triage/registration process was immediate and thorough and yes… friendly.

The paramedics in the pod we were sent to were knowledgeable, helpful and kind.  They recognized right away that my husband did indeed require a doctor and they got one to his examination room pronto.

The doctors we saw were awesome.  Everything about them- from their bedside manner to their level of knowledge and their speed was commendable.

Did I ask a lot of questions?  You bet.

Did I take notes every step of the way?  Yup.

Did I read over the prescriptions and the charts? Yes.

Did we take note of every paramedic’s name, the doctor’s names and the pod location of the unit we’d been seen in?  Yes.

And when we got home and I found what appeared to be a discrepancy in prescription names, I made a phone call to the hospital switchboard.  I asked to be put through to the pod where we’d been.  And when a male voice answered the phone, I said… “Is this Chris?” and the voice said “yes it is” and I said “ it’s Wendy Jones, we were just in… and I have a prescription question for Dr. Bullock, what are the chances I can speak to him for 30 seconds?”, and Chris said “I’ll get him for you”.  He found the doc, who kindly explained the confusion (mine, not his!) on the antibiotic.  And then he asked me “How did you get through to this phone number?” “I asked the hospital switchboard operator  to speak to Dave the Paramedic at Pod 5”, I said.  “Well, you’re like family now… good for you for getting through”.

So, next time you’re in a situation- medical or otherwise… make some notes, ask people’s names, ask the important questions and appreciate what it is these folks are doing to help you.  Oh, by the way- later in the day, I dropped off a box of gourmet cookies and a thank you note to the team.  I’m sure they appreciated the cookies. I sure did appreciate their expertise.

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  1. Lauren Richmond says:

    Great advice! Glad things worked out OK for your husband.

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