Patience Is Not My Middle Name

A couple of months ago, I flew from Halifax to Toronto. My flight was scheduled to depart at 11 a.m. It didn’t happen. In fact, the flight didn’t leave until around 3:30 pm, due to mechanical difficulties.

The ‘old me’ would have been impatient, pissed off, a bit frustrated, irritated and downright not happy. But the day before was my birthday. It had been a day of joy and much celebration and connecting with people important to me from all over Canada and the USA and I was a happy camper as I arrived at the airport that Saturday morning.

So, faced with the choice of getting frustrated or staying with the joy of my yesterday, I chose the latter.

I opted to use my time, however much of it there would be, with patience. I met a lovely fellow traveler- a Yoga instructor/massage therapist who lives nearby. We shared a few laughs and both spoke to our husband’s from our battery challenged blackberrys. I began the task of organizing my photos into new folders on my laptop. And I had a not half bad BLT with home- made fries from the restaurant by the gate, courtesy of the airline.

I rejoiced in the experience of patience, which for me, is a special thing. Because patience has never been my middle name. But perhaps it’s not such a reach for me after all! I must say, I arrived in Toronto in much better spirits than I would have, had I been pissed off and impatient on the journey.

What positive attributes do you aspire to practice more of this year?

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