Pivoting from Judger to Learner Mindset

What’s a mindset?  It’s a habitual pattern of thoughts, feeling and behaviors.  It provides us with a frame through which we see and experience the world.   It helps shape our limitations and our possibilities, and helps define our choices and our outcomes.

Learner or Judger… do you know how to tell the difference? We’re not always one or the other… but rather we move back and forth between having the mindset of a learner, or having the mindset of a judger.  We are a blend of our learner and judger selves.

When we figure out the difference, we “up”  our self awareness meter. And I happen to think that’s a good thing.

Here’s a simple test for you to do.  Takes about 2 minutes.

Think of a recent incident that was less than pleasant for you.  Something work related or on the home front….

Got one in mind?

OK- now look at these questions below.

Which set sounds more like where your mind went as you recall encountering that incident:

What’s wrong?

Whose fault is this?

How can I stay in control?

How bad is this?

What’s the point?




What’s good about this?

What am I responsible for?

What are my choices now?

What can I learn from this situation?

What’s possible?

Judger vs. Learner mindset.

Just being aware of which place we tend to go first, and consciously choosing to pivot from judger to learner mode, can make a pile of difference in how we see and behave in difficult situations.

It works for me… every time.  I encourage you to try this pivot once in a while.  Truly, what have you got to loose?

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