Have you ever marvelled when you hear someone talk about the amazing new career opportunity that just seemed to “show up out of nowhere”for them? 

 Before I became a Coach, I figured those kinds of folks were just plain “lucky”. 

 But since I’ve been coaching these past 12 years, I’ve come to a different understanding when individuals land a fabulous new job that, to the rest of us, seemed to just appear.

 The understanding I’ve come to is that for the most part, these individuals have been working towards this something new, for a while.  In their own ways.  They’ve been imagining what this new position or career would look like…  they’ve been “putting it out there”when in conversation with their circle of friends… they’ve been proactive in having conversations with people of some influence… they’ve enrolled in some courses or training to educate themselves in their new area of interest.

 Last year, I had a client who had decided, long before she left her then current position, that she wanted something different.  She spent a year paving the way for that new, amazing opportunity to show up.  She thought about it, dreamed about it, journaled about it, talked about it, learned about it and probably even prayed about it. 

 About six months into her “paving”, she was contacted, seemingly to those around her “out of the blue”, about a new position being created in just the sector she was wanting to move into.

 To her, it was a logical and anticipated next step.

 To others, it may have seemed to just “show up out of nowhere”.

 I’ll let you decide which perception rings true for you !!!


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