Taking a Break before Your Next Career Move

Not everyone has the luxury to take a break between jobs. I get that.

I’ve certainly worked with some individuals who, if they were to go more than a few weeks without a pay check they’d be in serious financial trouble.

But many of my career coaching clients find they can financially afford to take a break before launching into their next position.

And what they’ve discovered is this:  A  break is a gift of time that allows them to acknowledge, ponder, reflect, explore and create goals for what’s next.

So often we hear that “it’s better to look for a job when you are still employed” and that can be true.  Sometimes.

Or we hear that “you shouldn’t be lazy, get out there right away and network” and that can be true.  Sometimes.

But what I also know to be true… sometimes… is that the value of taking a pause is highly under-rated amongst all those well-meaning folks who won’t hesitate to give you their opinion!

So, for the record, I’ll add my voice to all the other ones you may hear from time to time on this topic.  And my voice says,  “Assess how long a break you can afford, and then simply be open to what you might gain by taking that break if that makes sense for you”.

Who knows where that break might take you!

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