Talk To Yourself- It’s Highly Underrated!

As a life coach, I’m continuously in conversation with my clients about what’s important to them. And when I have sessions with my own life coach, I get to talk about what’s important to me. But there’s another kind of conversation I really enjoy having. It’s the one I have with myself.

I always start with what I’m grateful for. Then I move on to what I affirm and know to be true. Then last but not least, I ask for what I am wanting in my life- and why it’s important to me.

Some days, it’s short and simple. Other days my conversation can go for 20 minutes as I take my daily walk and come up with the many things that I’m thankful for, that I know to be true and that I am wanting to invite into my life.

When I get to the last part- what I’m wanting to invite into my life, it’s almost like I’m scripting the future. Talking about it as if it already exists.

The longer we concentrate on a subject and the better we can describe it in detail, the faster the energy around that desire moves. And the very act of knowing what we want is a powerful force indeed.

Time and time again, I am rewarded with life happenings that I’ve imagined, asked for and invited into my experience.

Talking to oneself is a highly underrated experience and can work wonders for self confidence. You should try it sometime and see for yourself.

Next time you’re out taking a walk, or sitting quietly on your own- put your attention to what you’re grateful for, what you affirm and what you are wanting more of in your life. And just see what happens next!

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