Thoughts are like a Magnet

There’s a ton of self help books and blogs and web sites and videos on the market today. Here’s what I’ve found just about every one of them has in common: What we give our attention to is what we attract to us. There are all kinds of names or titles or ways of saying it… The Law of Attraction … Vision Becomes Reality… What you put out is what you get back… The Direct Speech of Life…

Here’s what one of my favorites- the teachings of Abraham as offered by Jerry and Esther Hicks, has to say about this:

“Like a magnet, you are attracting thoughts, people, events, lifestyles- everything that you are living. And so, as you see things as they are, you attract more of the same; but as you see things as you would like them to be, you attract them as you would like them to be. This is why the better it gets, the better it gets; or the worse it gets, the worse it gets- people tend to look mostly at what is.”

It’s the ‘glass half empty/half full’, taken to a different level. And I see it around me so often. When I hear a friend complain about how he never gets the job he thinks he deserves, I ask him to look at his own thoughts on the topic and the connection between how he thinks of his situation and what the reality of his situation is. Or when I meet with a coaching client who questions why she has a pattern of attracting boyfriends whose behavior is less than respectful, I ask her to look at her thoughts around what qualities she envisions deserving in a partner…

So, next time you find yourself dissatisfied about some aspect of your life, pay attention for just a moment or two, to the thoughts you are having about that situation. And consider the possibility of shifting those thoughts from what you don’t want, to what you do want. It can make all the difference in your world.

Share your experience with thoughts being like a magnet. I’d love to hear from you.

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7 Responses to Thoughts are like a Magnet

  1. Nick Jones says:


    A fellow Jones here 🙂

    Love this post and think it is so true, we have to be the change that we want to happen …

    Trying to do my little part … see


  2. Sylvie MacLean says:

    Happy Friday Wendy!! Hear! Hear! I am a really strong believer of your thoughts….I saw The Secret and as quirky/corny as the movie was, I really truly believe this is the way we have to think…the trick is to know what vision/goal you really want…you have to be careful what you ask for because it might not be what you really want…and one of my favorite sayings this year is from Yogi Berra: “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.” lol!!!
    Have a great weekend and I hope you get some spring weather…you’ve had a rough winter…you guys deserve nice weather the most!! Sylvie

  3. Faith says:

    Powerful reminder, Wendy … belief and focus creates our reality… simple but not easy. A Coach who believes in your potential, helps you to get clarity, and challenges you to create and achieve big goals, makes all the difference. You have worked your magic to help me to do that on several occasions. Thank you!
    Faith Evan West

  4. Kelley says:

    HI Wendy: Thanks for the great reminder. Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts, and good things will happen!.

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