Transitioning From One Career To Another

As an Executive and Career Coach, the clients I coach all have one thing in common.

Well, maybe two things.

The first is every one of them is “coachable”.  They see the value in and are eager to spend focused time every couple of weeks exploring and reflecting and brainstorming and pondering what’s really important to them and what they are prepared to do about it.

The second is that they are aiming to make a change in some aspect of their working life.

Could be developing new leadership skills… working on new ways to communicate with their teams… learning to work differently… adjusting their attitude…finding a new position that’s more satisfying… and sometimes it’s about transitioning from one career  to something completely different.

What I’ve found is that that last topic- transitioning to a completely different career, often brings up the most fear and trepidation.  They may have flirted with the idea of something new .  But they come to coaching to do a bit more exploring and then get into action.  The coaching frees them up and they feel really ready and safe to explore what it might be like to stop thinking of themselves as always doing the same kind of work, and what it would be like to do something completely different.

Here are three questions I often ask these clients;

  1. What would be different in your life if you were able to make this big change?
  2. What’s likely to get in your way?
  3. What support could you enlist to make it happen?

Changing careers altogether is not easy.  And it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.

But for those who have a continued hankering for something other than what they are doing currently, beginning the journey of figuring out what’s next is a necessary step and more often than not, leads to fulfillment, if not pure joy!

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