What Do Values Have To Do With My Real Life Anyway?

One of my clients once said to me:  “Wendy, what’s the relevance of doing an exercise to uncover my values when I’ve hired you to help me figure out what’s the right next job for me?”

I was so glad he asked me that question.

Because we were in a coaching session and involved in a coaching conversation, I chose the route of posing a question back to him.  And as a result, the ensuing dialogue opened up a huge learning for him that I know he’ll carry with him for a long time.

The question I posed back to him was this:  “Tell me about your understanding of values and where they might be relevant to you?”   Values guide us through life. We often make choices based on our personal values. And usually those are some of the best most long lasting and fulfilling choices we make.  Because those choices are in alignment with our essence.  Our very DNA.

That client of mine identified his top/ key values in that exercise I suggested to him.  There were FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, FUN, CONTRIBUTION and ALTRUISM.

He had been working for an organization that didn’t seem to exhibit or foster any of those values.  He felt unhappy and unfulfilled.  Not anymore.  He began to job hunt, using his key values as part of his overall set of criteria.  He found a position with a company where his values and those of the company are more in alignment.

This is a true story to explain a bit about why uncovering values can be an important part of the coaching process, whether you are seeking a new job, trying to figure out what’s next in your life, or … !!!

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  1. So true! Love that you have highlighted the importance of values,

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