What’s a Coach to do?

True story…I had a client a few years ago.

He’d spent over a year seeking a new career in a field he was well trained for.

But he found it hard slogging.

The harder he tried, the more rejections he received.

Eventually his self-confidence fell to a new all-time low.

He became kind of desperate.

Every new job posting he came across, he pictured as being the perfect job for him.

When he did get an interview, he tried so hard to be who he thought they wanted him to be.

But he didn’t get that job. Or the next one. Or the next one.

What’s a Coach to do?  It was tough watching my client suffer and loose hope.

So we went down a new path. Because the path he’d been going down for quite some time wasn’t netting him much satisfaction.

We set out to explore where his creativity and interest met his realistic skills and abilities. And guess what? Turns out that exploring paid off. Because what he discovered was a very different job sector was calling him. He realized that maybe part of what was creating that “hard slog” was his own mindset, because he did not in fact, truly want a job in that sector.

But once he shifted his path- which took some bravery because he had been well trained for the first sector- things started to fall into place. He met different people, he became interested and conversant in what was ahead, rather than what was behind him.

He eventually landed a new position.He allowed belief in himself to lead to a career that would be more fulfilling.

What’s a Coach to do?  Guide the conversation. Partner with the client. Trust that the client has the wisdom to explore and reflect and research and chose what’s next for them.

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