When our strengths become a liability

I helped a client uncover a hard lesson recently. I’d say many of us have been in a similar kind of situation so I’m sharing it with you as I think you may be able to relate to it.

This client is a very action oriented leader. He can be direct and have a tendency to be the one asking all the questions and moving the group forward. He’s an extrovert and is known as someone who doesn’t waste a lot of time and gets things done. All good you say? Well, maybe not so much. Or rather, not in all circumstances.

He got called out for the manner in which he was leading recently. He was told by someone that he takes over a meeting, doesn’t let others have their voice. They told him he dominates the conversation.

His ego was pretty bruised as he explained in the coaching session what it felt like. He thought he was being a strong, fair leader. Apparently not everyone on the receiving end agreed.

And what he realized in our coaching session is that he needs to make a change.  But not change who he is, but rather how he is, some of the time.

He realized that thinking and acting fast is not always the best way to serve his team. He understood that just because he may disagree with someone else on the team, he doesn’t always have to speak up.

He has choices.  As do we… pretty much all of the time!

He’s now challenging himself to think first before he speaks, and to keep top of mind the things that were most important for him moving forward… the health and harmony of his team.


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