When That New Job Seems Too Good To Be True

You know that old expression “It’s just too good to be true”?

Well, I had a client  a while back, whose job experience could pretty much be summed up with that expression.

Here’s his story.

He was a talented and smart professional, working in a sector he no longer loved.  In fact, he pretty much despised the kind of soul crushing work he was expected to do.

Through some intentional networking, he heard about a new, about to be created position with a start up.  He did what he thought was his “due diligence” investigating and researching the leadership and culture of the company and in no time at all, had accepted the job when it was offered to him.

The “trouble signs” started showing up in the first couple of weeks he was on the job… a classic case of a company having grown in leaps and bounds but with no systems in place. No processes to be found.  And no appetite on the part of the owner to develop them.  My client was continuously blocked  with every recommendation he tried to make and implement.

He told me in one session, “What seemed at first to be a perfect job for me” turned out to be truly “too good to be true” .   So, faced with being blocked at every turn, or cutting his losses, he chose to resign and is now searching for his next position, using a much more fulsome set of criteria before he says “yes”!

So if you ever find that a new opportunity seems too good to be true… do your homework and take the time you need to fully investigate before you jump.  It could just be the best investment you make!

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