Why More and More Organizations Hire Coaches

I recently read this quote in a biz magazine, from a senior exec at Shopify. Here’s what they said:

“Until recently it was a weird dirty secret that some of the best leaders in the world have coaches. So I’ve become very vocal about it, because I think it’s important. Coaching at Shopify actually started with our CTO. He was a phenomenal engineer and software creator, but it didn’t come naturally for him to manage a team. So he hired a coach for himself. Once we saw the benefit for him, the entire executive team started seeing coaches. We now have full-time coaches on staff and anybody who manages people can see one. Many companies take people who are great as individual employees and promote them to become managers. But just because he or she is a great engineer doesn’t mean he or she will be a great manager. Management is not instinctive. Having a coach means you can go to a place that is very safe and you can talk about things that are working- or not. Or you can use it as a sounding board….”

And so now you know!

More and more companies and organizations are seeing the power, the benefit and the value in hiring coaches.

Coaching has “come of age”, “mainstream”, and is truly respected and encouraged within forward- thinking organizations.

Coaching contributes in so many ways to an organization, from building individuals self-confidence, enhancing leadership skills, team cohesiveness, and yes, ultimately can contribute to the bottom line.

Open up any business magazine or on-line publication and you are bound to see articles featuring or at the very least, mentioning the role that a coach has played in the success of an individual or a working team.

Next time you are with a group of colleagues or friends, ask how many of them have ever had a professional coach, and I’ll bet it’s a much higher number than you had guessed.

Years ago, people who hired coaches didn’t talk about it. Perhaps they saw it as having a problem and needing a coach to fix it. But coaches are rarely hired to fix a problem. It’s much more in line with what the Shopify quote references… “having a coach means you can go to a place that is very safe and you can talk about things that are working- or not…”

Who wouldn’t benefit from that kind of a relationship?

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  1. Cynthia Gallant-Simpson says:

    If anyone can be a great coach and bring new depth and meaning to the job it is my long-time friend Wendy. You go, girl!

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