Wishing things were different?

Ever wish that something about your life situation was different than it is?
If you said ‘no’, I’m going to question how honest you are being with yourself!

Let’s face it, most everyone wishes for something better than we’ve got, at least once in a while.

A better job, more income, a lottery win, a nicer boss, more help around the house, your kids to get better grades… you get the picture.

But what if instead of wishing things were different, you invited yourself to imagine that things were already different?

This is not an original idea- I didn’t come up with this. Many well known and very smart and learned folks talk about this concept.

But it’s hard to do this kind of imagining. Especially when we’re not practiced in doing so. We tend to be more practiced wishing for something different and consequently we focus on what we don’t have, rather than what we do want.

But if you believe that ‘like thoughts attract more like thoughts’, then you can understand how essential it is to focus on thoughts that affirm what you want. And not focus on thoughts about what you don’t have.

And the best way to do this is to think about what you want AS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT.

Try it. Practice it. And get ready for some things to be different in a very positive way.

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