A Bit of Practice Goes A Long Way

How many times do you wish you were better at handling tough situations?  “I wish I hadn’t stressed out so much”, “I feel really bad I blew up at that person who was just trying to do their job”, “If only I’d thought that one through ahead of time”.  Let’s face it- we aren’t perfect and these are common thoughts we have from time to time.

And I have to wonder, if we spend a lot of excess energy sweating the small stuff, what’s it going to be like for us when we encounter something big?  Think you’re exempt from ever having to deal with a big one?  Think again.

So, if you’re still with me, let me ask if you believe this statement: The more we practice something, it’s likely the better we’ll get at it.  From piano lessons, to learning to run a 5K to meditating or making a good  speech, handling difficult situations with ease and grace without elevating our blood pressure often comes with practice.

So, we may just have part of the solution; real life brings us situations we don’t always anticipate, and the better we practice handling things (yes, even the small things) the better our chances of sailing through life in as positive a way as possible.

Next time you encounter a small issue- something that would normally aggravate you or get you hot under the collar, think about the benefit of practicing a shift. What is it you will practice?  Turn the small issue into a nothing.  Let it go.  Choose to think and act differently than you used to think and act about this minor irritation.  And eventually you may just come to see that practice really can make perfect. Or at least brings us a bit closer to how we want to be in this world.

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