Some of my clients come to coaching to build their self-confidence. 

They wish they were more confident in their skills, ability to make tough decisions, strength in saying yes or saying no to opportunities…

 And so with those clients, the direction of a coaching conversation can be about learning how to ‘practice’ building their self-confidence muscle.

 Here’s one of my favorite stories from a wonderful book called “The Art of Possibility” by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander.  I love the story because it really sums up how essential it is to practice something new: 

 Mr. Zander (a world- renowned conductor) remembers when he was eleven years old and he was having a cello lesson with his 83 year- old master teacher.  And he got so frustrated because he tried three times to play a certain musical passage and put down his bow.  And the teacher looked at him and said “What?  You’ve been practicing it for three minutes and you still can’t play it?”

 Building our self-confidence muscle takes practice, patience and dedication.

 Just because we aren’t as good as we’d like to be at a specific skill, does not mean we can never get there.  It just means we haven’t arrived at a place of satisfaction with our performance.  Yet.

 So, if your self-confidence could use some improvement, consider hiring a coach.  Developing more self-confidence is one of the many things a coach can help you with.  Make sure you are open and honest right from the start with your coach, about the benefits you can imagine as you improve your own self-confidence muscle. 

 And then be ready for a transformative experience- be it small or huge. And enjoy the experience of building your self-confidence muscle!


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