Coaching FAQs

What is Coaching?

“It’s a profession that helps individuals achieve results and sustain life-changing behavior in their lives and careers. Coaching addresses the whole person, with an emphasis on producing action and uncovering learning that can lead to more fulfillment, more balance , and a more effective process for living” (Co-active Coaching by Whitworth, KImsey-House, Sandahl)

Who Works with a Coach?

People ready to discover who they are at their best.

People who want some kind of change in their lives and are looking for help figuring it out.  And change comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Could be change at work, home, changing careers, prepping for a job interview, changing your leadership style, your behavior, your attitude- change comes in many shapes and sizes!

What are Some of the Benefits of Being Coached?

There are so many benefits, and they vary with each person.  But to name a few; gaining a clearer sense of direction, finding increased self confidence, enhanced communication skills, learning to better trust yourself, ability to look at things from a different perspective, greater fulfillment in work and life choices…

How Will I Know if I’ve Found the Right Coach?

This is a really important question, because it’s essential that you find a coach that is right for you. You’ll feel comfortable in the sessions and you’ll be challenged. You’ll feel smart and empowered and good about yourself.  You’ll look forward to each session.  You’ll know the coach sees you as a creative, resourceful individual capable of making good decisions. You’ll trust the safe space the coach has created for you to explore, reflect and move forward.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s simple. Contact Wendy by email: or by phone :  902 478-1014

She’ll set up a preliminary phone call to exchange information- you can explain what’s bringing you to coaching and she’ll provide some basic information about how she coaches and her fees.  If you chose to get started, she’ll schedule your first coaching session and begin the process of helping you get clear on what it is you are wanting.