FIVE Big Life Questions For The New Year

Whatever your career path… however the pandemic has affected you and your work… no matter what kind of work you engage in or stage of your working life you find yourself to be, answering these BIG LIFE QUESTIONS will help you reshape your journey through this new year of 2021.

We all hope that 2021 will be better than 2020 was.  Here’s one way to help pave the way to ensure that it will be!

Answer these FIVE simple yet powerful questions and you are on your way. Full disclosure- I give full credit to the amazing Caroline Myss- this is part of a posting she made a few years ago, but I find these five as powerful and relevant as ever:

  1. WHAT DO YOU HOPE WILL BE DIFFERENT this year than other years?
  3. HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE DIFFERENT by the end of this year?
  4. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE to your community to make it a better place?
  5. WHAT CHANGES ARE UNFOLDING IN YOUR LIFE that you need to pay attention to, and what does that mean?

I Invite you to sit down, take some time to really answer these questions from a deep place within you.  By focusing on these questions and your answers, we get clear.  Because truly, vision becomes reality.  What we think or focus on, is what we get.  Focus on what you are WANTING and see how your year unfolds.

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