Lots of people have written blogs and articles about their insights and learnings as a result of these past three years living with Covid.

So, bear with me as I weigh in with one, simple and hopefully helpful thought.


To go easy and forgive yourself for not achieving all you thought you could. To take some of the pressure off.  To give yourself a break!

I’m not saying it’s easy.  But it can be simple.

Many of my executive coaching clients have a natural predilection to be “hard” on themselves.  Some of them figure that being hard, driving oneself, is an integral part of why they have become successful in their careers. 

So, giving themselves permission to take their pedal off the gas and demonstrate self-kindness is often not something that comes easy for them.

But consider the benefits. 

Being kind to yourself might just result in you being more kind to your colleagues… or sleeping better at night… or cultivating a more positive attitude about your work and life in general… or maybe all of the above.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Next time you become aware that you are telling yourself to push through, work harder, not to give up… just consider another way to look at the situation.  Consider that instead of pushing yourself to not give up,  what would it be like to invite yourself to act with self-kindness as a guide?

And then just observe where that takes you.

It may just be worth a bit of effort to make that simple, but not always easy, change.

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