“From the first time I met Wendy I knew she was exactly what I needed. She is direct, holds you to task and yet is a very soft landing to help share your hopes and dreams and remind you of who you really are. Navigating the business world as it is today can be a lonely place and I am very glad and fortunate to have had Wendy in my corner to remind me of my roots and capabilities as well as map out where my future is. “RLR

"Wendy really focused on getting to know me and where I was in my career journey. She actively listened to my concerns and asked thought-provoking questions which allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my personal drivers and ambitions. As a mid-career professional, I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is looking to refine their perspective or regain clarity to pursue their goals." G.E.S.

"Wendy is gifted at getting the most out of people. She pushed me to dig deep in understand how I could grow by understanding what I really wanted and the skills I already possessed to achieve those things. I've moved so far forward in understanding myself and my career through working with Wendy and I'm so excited for what's next.” M.T.

“I loved Wendy’s calm approach to helping me sort out my options for what I consider the last leg of my career. I’ve been a federal/provincial bureaucrat, a university professor, and a politician, always ‘burning the candle’ at both ends until it started burning me in the middle. Now I have clarity and am ready to launch on my own, independently. Wendy helped me to evaluate my strengths, competencies, values, and passions.” C.R.

“When I found Wendy, I was in need of professional coaching and didn’t know it. As I asked with skeptical interest about the value of coaching, I finally apprehended the professional sustenance I was seeking. Wendy assures that you have the answers and the will to succeed, and asks patient and provocative questions to elevate what you may not even realize you knew or needed. If you have an interest in being a better executive, Wendy’s attending ear, easy humour, and periodic advice will serve you well. I recommend Wendy to any executive.”   D.B. (Executive Client)

"I would recommend Wendy without hesitation to anyone looking to elevate their work, or determine their next step. She is kind, strategic and deeply experienced. Her clear but compassionate guidance was an asset to me at a time of transition and I am certain that I will draw on her expertise throughout my career."- A.M. (Executive Client)

“I found Wendy to be the consummate professional.  The quality of her coaching is top grade if I was to compare her to the other coaches I have worked with in the past. She understands the importance of challenging yet supporting her clients. I cannot even measure how life changing this experience has been.  I have benefited with increased confidence, ability to deal with conflict better and a much more thoughtful approach as a leader and as an individual in society.”- M.V.  (Executive Client)

“Working with Wendy was one of the best experiences of my business career.  Every session was professional, held in a safe environment and from her experience she would very quickly uncover the issue that we needed to work on during that session. Having a coach in your corner can make such a positive impact in one’s professional life, private life, management ability and career success and if that person is Wendy Jones, the coaching would be fantastic resulting in faster results, positive outcomes and improved management skill sets.”-  T.M.  (Executive Client)

The work we've done is so valuable... I have built time in my day and week for self reflection, action planning and intentional effort to work towards my goals. I am very appreciative of your perspective and encouragement in our three-year coaching journey. You have been a terrific support and I have learned a tremendous amount about myself from our coaching relationship”.  L.C.

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to use our sessions to strategize, as this has helped me to find better balance and learn how to manage my ‘work stress’ moving forward. Being able to bring everyday situations or challenges to our sessions helped me to figure out personnel issues and I think I have been a better manager of my staff and myself as a result.- P.T.  (Executive Client)

Wendy was my Mentor Coach for 10 sessions while I was getting certified as a Coach myself. She is kind and warm, but also direct and honest. Her insight was invaluable in my learning and I don't think I would have been able to pass without her skill. I could not have asked for a better Mentor Coach!- E.N.

I started with Wendy when I was at a point in my career where I could have gone in many different directions. I was having problems figuring out which way I should go because each choice had a different appeal. Wendy helped me narrow my focus, prioritize, and make hard decisions. She also helped me find courage and spontaneity! - K.D.

“Coaching with Wendy Jones was the best investment in myself I think I’ve ever made. At first I didn’t see how I could afford to hire a Coach. But by the end of the first session, I couldn’t imagine not having her in my corner. Coaching conversations with her allowed me to find the essence of what I wanted and to act bravely to achieve it. Best investment ever” -G.A.

“Using a light touch characterized by empathy, honest and responsive assessment, and respectful inquiry, Wendy helped me identify, address and work through challenges I was facing in my career.  I would recommend Wendy to anyone in need of guidance and instructive dialogue in either their personal or professional lives". - C.S.

"In the six months of working with Wendy I have found profound shifts begin to occur in my life both personally and professionally.  I am finally living life on my terms with a greater consciousness than ever before. I am feeling confident and fearless about my future and am looking forward to embracing all.  Thank-you Wendy." -  S.T.M.

“Wendy created a safe and supportive space for me to talk about how I was really feeling about my job. I had been stuck on what I SHOULD do and what other people expected me to do. Wendy helped me focus on what I WANT to do. Slowly, I gained courage and eventually quit my job. I now work in a much more positive and balanced environment, which makes me a much happier and healthier person." - A.R.