What’s Offered

Executive & Career Coaching for Emerging Leaders:

Wendy works with individuals who seek a trusting relationship outside of their organization, to help them become their best professional self. Wendy’s belief is that each and every client is creative, resourceful and whole and that the answers lie within them. Her work is to guide their discovery towards a successful outcome- however they define success for themselves.

Imagine finding a relationship where the total focus is on you, figuring out what you may want to change in your working life, and what will help you get there… Co-active coaching is just like that. In a way, having a coach is like having your own navigator along for your career journey. Wendy coaches in person, by phone, skype and zoom, so whether you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia or anywhere else, she may be the right coach for you.

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Interview Prep Coaching:

If and when you are looking for a new position, or aiming to get into a tough University program, hiring a Career Coach to prep you for your interviews can be of great benefit.

It takes just a few sessions, but can make all the difference in terms of your self-confidence and presenting your most authentic, professional self.

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Mentor Coaching for Obtaining/Renewing ICF Credentials

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