When Your Thoughts Are A Match To Your Desires…

Ever wonder why even though you’ve been focussing and praying and wishing for a specific something to happen, it doesn’t seem to show up?

Could be because you are focussed on the not having of what you are wanting, rather than the wanting of it.  Confusing? 

In my coaching practice, I often find opportunities to bring into the conversation, this powerful Law of Attraction.

Let’s say you really wish that you’d be offered a promotion.  You’ve got two paths to choose from as you dwell on this wish:

  1. Focussing on all the reasons you don’t want to keep doing your current job… the low pay, the thankless work, the cramped office. How much you want “out” of where you’re at.


  1. Focussing on what it will be and feel like when you get the promotion… the salary increase, the leadership position, the larger office, the great co-workers.

When you focus on #1, you are in the world of lack, absence, pessimism, discouragement.

When you focus on #2, you are offering a vibration of contentment and expectation, eagerness and joy.

Getting in touch with how you are FEELING about whatever it is you are WANTING, is a great guidance system.  I encourage my coaching clients to pay attention to that feeling, as a great indicator of what it is you are actually asking for!


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