5 Simple Steps for Managing Your Email

In my life coaching practice I’m often amazed at how many folks haven’t adopted a way to  organize their Email folders.  Although this is not a topic that we spend a lot of time on in our coaching, it is something I address in the Business Etiquette workshop I’m offering starting this fall.  Folks who chose to keep all their received emails in their INBOX are, in my opinion, asking for trouble.  Not only can it slow down your email system, but it can be a real time waster in terms of finding important emails.

Here are FIVE simple steps that work for me and that I’ve recommended to lots of folks.

1.        Read your received emails once and then file them right away

2.       Create your email folders according to the categories that will be most used and     helpful to you

3.       Don’t be afraid of creating sub, and sub-sub folders

4.       Create one new folder called “IMPORTANT”.  Move emails in there that need your attention, but that you can’t get to instantly.

5.       Create one new folder called  “TO FILE”.  Put your emails there once you’ve responded and every few days or few weeks, go in and file to the appropriate folder.

So, if you are overwhelmed by the email in your inbox, try adopting these five easy steps and let me know if it helps. And if you’ve got some of your own helpful hints, hit the comment button on this blog so you can share what works for you.

Of course, you can always find ways to reduce the mail coming your way, including dropping off some of those subscription lists… but that’s for another time!

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