Forgiveness Heals

When I came across this quote recently, it really resonated for me:

“Forgiveness is distracting yourself from what’s keeping you in a lower vibration” 

It took me a few minutes to come to a more fulsome understanding.  But I think I’ve got it now. 

We all operate at a vibrational level, and the level of our individual vibrations varies depending on many factors; our emotions, our energy, our mood, our physical health, our interactions with others, our thoughts, our intentions and more.

 If we choose not to forgive, we vibrate at a lower than optimal level. 

Could be not forgiving ourselves.  Could be not forgiving someone else.

But when we don’t forgive, we are holding ourselves in a place of negativity.

Negativity comes with anger or frustration or irritation or impatience.

Each of these qualities has us operating at a lower than optimal vibrational level.

 When we forgive, we release ourselves from that unhappy feeling place.

And thus, our vibration is able to rise.  And the healing begins.

 Inviting forgiveness allows us to operate at a higher vibration.

And who wouldn’t want to aim for that?


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