Last November, I realized I had lost a favorite necklace.

It was a 20th anniversary gift from my husband and I adore it.

But I all of a sudden couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere. For three weeks, I’d go to sleep each night and wake up each morning wracking my brain as to where I could have left it.

Did I put it a different drawer than usual in my jewelry box? Did it fall between the bed and the window? Did I leave it in a coat or jacket pocket? Did it get left behind on one of my trips to see family this fall? No, no, no and no.

My husband, in his infinite wisdom said to me; “be patient. It will show up eventually.”

But patience has never been my strong suit and so I kept fretting and wondering and looking in the most unlikely places.

The day after he arrived home from one of his trips, he hauled his empty suitcase up to the attic.

As he moved the other suitcases around to fit his in, he noticed my necklace sitting atop a floor board of the attic.

Did he share the news of his find with me right then and there? No he did not. I guess perhaps he figured I needed a bit more time honing my patience muscle! So a few hours later, he reaches into his pocket and says in a very calm and casual way; “oh, I found this today”.

I was, as you can imagine, elated.

And he was, as he is most often, correct that it would show up eventually.

I wear the necklace all the time now. I’m that delighted with the find.  I’m also delighted that the act of having faith can be a wonderful thing.

And yes, cultivating patience is a life-long lesson. At least it is for me!

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