Mind/Body Connection Revisited

When I first began writing a blog the first piece I wrote was about the Mind/Body connection.

I told a short story (true) about the colonoscopy I had recently had.  That was several years ago.  And don’t worry- I’m not going to tell that story again!

But the mind/body connection continues to keep my attention.  And in my coaching practice it’s amazing how often situations and stories come up that really reinforce how important it is for us all to recognize and honour that connection.

Think about how often you’ve experienced some physical issue or ailment but that you never paid attention to it as a signal, a sign or a message from your body, saying  “I’m supposed to slow down”, or “oh, right… if I actually pay attention to this symptom and try to accept it and learn from it, I might be better off!”

One of my favourite books on this topic is by Dr. Joan Borysenko and is titled “Minding the Body, Mending the Mind”.  She helps the reader see the integration of biology and spirit all for the sake of providing a road map towards healing.

Next time you notice some physical symptom, consider it a wise message and pay attention.  In whatever way might work for you!


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