Uncovering our hidden gifts

We are all good at something.  I truly believe that.  Could be one special thing or could be more than one.  But we all have a gift.  Our strength.  Our sweet spot.  Something we are really, really good at.

 But sometimes it takes another person to help us uncover what our gift might be.

 Take George (not his real name).  George was a client of mine for a year.  He came to coaching because he self -identified as having a career crisis.  He was pretty discouraged and attributed it to the kind of work he was doing.

 Over the course of our coaching relationship, George discovered that he actually really, really liked working in his sector.  What  he also discovered was that his special gift was mentoring others.  It’s where he thrived and soared.  And he also came to grips with the fact that the place he worked did not allow for or appreciate his mentoring skills.

 So George took the brave step of looking around at other organizations, with the mentoring factor top of mind.

 It took him about 7 months, but George found what he was looking for.  An organization, in a related sector to his original one, but one that not only allowed for mentorship, but encouraged and rewarded George for his gift… for his strong desire and skills to train and mentor others.

 We are all good at something.

Sometimes it takes another person to help us uncover our gift.

Could be a coach.  Could be a friend.  Could be a colleague. 

But we are all good at something and it’s so worth exploring to figure it out!

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