What’s in a Title:  Executive Coach/ Career Coach / Life Coach? 

I often get asked if it matters whether someone hires a coach who calls themselves an Executive Coach, a Career Coach or a Life Coach?

Here’s what I say:

It’s less about the Coach’s specialty and more about a) the “fit” between the two of you, and b) what you the client are hoping to achieve by having a coach.

As an ICF credentialed coach, my training is about coaching the whole person, no matter what position that person may be at in their life or their career.  We may focus our coaching conversations on leadership skills, or career choices, but I take into account the client’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes and much more.  And I always ask each potential new client, what is prompting them to seek the services of a coach… what are they hoping to achieve from the coaching relationship?

Whether my client is a senior executive, or is considering a career change or is looking for enhanced fulfillment in some other aspect of their life… as a trained, professional coach, it’s my job to see them as creative, resourceful and whole.  Nothing’s broken.  Nothing needs fixing. The client is the expert on themselves and their life.  My job is to partner with them to explore and navigate their choices towards achievement of their desired results.

A great coach, no matter if they call themselves an Executive, Career, Life or some other type of coach, can help facilitate the movement that the client seeks.  And that’s done through the coaching relationship, the conversation and the process over the course of that coaching relationship.

So, when you look to hire a coach, or when you suggest to a friend or colleague that they hire one, let the focus be on the “fit” between the coach and the client and chances are, you’ll have found the right coach for you!


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