When Is Your Good Time For Imagining Your Own Future?

A few months ago I had a birthday and I decided to use one of my coaching sessions with my coach, doing a blue-sky of what I want my next 12 months to be like.

Normally I save this kind of thing for my New Year’s Resolution, but it just felt right this year, to spend some time envisioning my future twelve months. And what an interesting and helpful coaching session it was.

I loved it because I got to dream. My coach helped me stay at that big picture- high level and not get bogged down in the weeds.

And by the end of the session I had set a pretty clear vision of my next twelve months. And it wasn’t even January 1st yet! I came up with a collection of words and phrases that are now my guide… my north star, for what I know will be a fabulous year.

So here it is, just past January 1st and my message to you is in the form of a question… What’s your ‘good time’ to do some dreaming and imagine the possibilities for yourself? I encourage you to make a bit of time to do your own vision setting. Either solo, or with the help of a coach… it’s one of the most fun and empowering ways to set the table for your own future.

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