When You Close One Door Another Opens

Not so long ago, I coached a client who was desperately unhappy with his career choice.

 He had spent many years in University, gotten two degrees.  He was an engineer with a large firm in Ontario. 

 But after 4 years, he realized he was not cut out for this kind of work. 

 So he made the decision to close the door on his career as an enginner.  He hadn’t told anyone else that he’d come to this decision.  He had a date in mind for giving notice to the general manager of the firm.  He had no idea of what he’d do next.  He just knew in his heart that he had to exit.

 As the date drew closer for him to give notice, he was contacted, through his network by a start-up company seeking a Logistics Manager.  He did his research, had a couple of interviews and took the plunge by saying yes once he was offered the position.

 My client said to me, as he rode off into the sunset towards his new career, “ Wendy, I truly believe that if I hadn’t made the decision to close the door on being an engineer, this other opportunity never would have shown up in the way that it did.”

 One door closes, another opens.  So true.


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